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If you remain busy all the time in managing the routine operations at school and yet the things doesn't get moving the way they should, then its time to think about complete automation and adopt an expert solution which not only minimizes the burden of administration and teaching staff but also provides 100% support to its Management to help them grow their institution.

PSA Digital India Ltd. provide verious type of services to schools and collages. Our Services are :

  • We provide all types of academic softwares i.e. Reprt Card & Academic Management, Fees Managemane, Payroll Management, Attendance Management, Library Management, Exam Paper Management.
  • Printing of Identity Cards, Report Cards, Syllabus and all types of academic printing.
  • Schools Website design according to CBSE guideline.
  • Digital Wallet, A mobile app for Schools.
  • Students Academic Photo Portfolios.
  • Organize Digital PAD remote quiz & Exams.
Quiz & Exam Digital PAD Remote System
Photo Portfolio
Mobile App
Identity Card
Website Development

About Us

Simply put, we provide you with top-quality printed academic transcripts (i.e. : report cards, certificates, Identity Cards) and business related other printed products at affordable prices.

To CBSE affiliated schools, we provide the printed Report Cards, Identity Cards, T.C. and other certificates according to CBSE guideline with digitization solution. Through our solution schools can play a supporting role in the development of "Digital India" programme launched by our Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.


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